drumstick  1.1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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||oCBackendManagerManages lists of dynamic and static backends for applications based on drumstick-rt
||oCMIDIInputMIDI IN interface
||\CMIDIOutputMIDI OUT interface
|oCClientInfoClient information
|oCSystemInfoSystem information
|oCPoolInfoSequencer Pool information
|oCSequencerEventHandlerSequencer events handler
|oCMidiClientClient management
||\CSequencerInputThreadThis class manages event input from the ALSA sequencer
|oCSequencerEventBase class for the event's hierarchy
|oCChannelEventBase class for the events having a Channel property
|oCKeyEventBase class for the events having Key and Velocity properties
|oCNoteEventClass representing a note event with duration
|oCNoteOnEventEvent representing a note-on MIDI event
|oCNoteOffEventEvent representing a note-off MIDI event
|oCKeyPressEventEvent representing a MIDI key pressure, or polyphonic after-touch event
|oCControllerEventEvent representing a MIDI control change event
|oCProgramChangeEventEvent representing a MIDI program change event
|oCPitchBendEventEvent representing a MIDI bender, or pitch wheel event
|oCChanPressEventEvent representing a MIDI channel pressure or after-touch event
|oCVariableEventBase class for variable length events
|oCSysExEventEvent representing a MIDI system exclusive event
|oCTextEventEvent representing a SMF text event
|oCSystemEventGeneric event
|oCQueueControlEventALSA Event representing a queue control command
|oCValueEventGeneric event having a value property
|oCTempoEventALSA Event representing a tempo change for an ALSA queue
|oCSubscriptionEventALSA Event representing a subscription between two ALSA clients and ports
|oCClientEventALSA Event representing a change on some ALSA sequencer client on the system
|oCPortEventALSA Event representing a change on some ALSA sequencer port on the system
|oCRemoveEventsAuxiliary class to remove events from an ALSA queue
|oCMidiCodecAuxiliary class to translate between raw MIDI streams and ALSA events
|oCPortInfoPort information container
|oCMidiPortPort management
|oCQueueInfoQueue information container
|oCQueueStatusQueue status container
|oCQueueTempoQueue tempo container
|oCQueueTimerQueue timer container
|oCMidiQueueQueue management
|oCTimerInfoALSA Timer information container
|oCTimerIdALSA Timer identifier container
|oCTimerGlobalInfoGlobal timer information container
|oCTimerQueryALSA Timer inquiry helper
|oCTimerParamsALSA Timer parameters container
|oCTimerStatusALSA Timer status container
|oCTimerEventHandlerALSA Timer events handler
|oCTimerALSA Timer management
|oCSequencerErrorClass used to report errors from the ALSA sequencer
|oCSequencerOutputThreadSequence player auxiliary class
|oCQOveOverture OVE Files (input only)
|oCQSmfStandard MIDI Files input/output
|oCQWrkCakewalk WRK file format (input only)
|oCSubscriberSubscriber container class
|\CSubscriptionSubscription management
oCQEventBase class of all event classes
oCQObjectBase class of all Qt objects
\CQThreadPlatform-independent threads