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SequencerEventHandler Class Referenceabstract

Sequencer events handler. More...

#include <alsaclient.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~SequencerEventHandler ()
virtual void handleSequencerEvent (SequencerEvent *ev)=0
 Callback function to be implemented by the derived class. More...

Detailed Description

Sequencer events handler.

This abstract class is used to define an interface that other class can implement to receive sequencer events. It is one of the three methods of delivering events offered by this library.

See Also
ALSA Sequencer Clients

Definition at line 175 of file alsaclient.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void handleSequencerEvent ( SequencerEvent ev)
pure virtual

Callback function to be implemented by the derived class.

It will be invoked by the client to deliver received events to the registered listener.

evA pointer to the received SequencerEvent
See Also
MidiClient::setHandler(), MidiClient::startSequencerInput(), MidiClient::stopSequencerInput(), MidiClient::doEvents()

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