drumstick  1.1.0
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*alsaclient.cppImplementation of classes managing ALSA Sequencer clients
o*alsaclient.hClasses managing ALSA Sequencer clients
o*alsaevent.cppImplementation of classes managing ALSA Sequencer events
o*alsaevent.hClasses managing ALSA Sequencer events
o*alsaport.cppImplementation of classes managing ALSA Sequencer ports
o*alsaport.hClasses managing ALSA Sequencer ports
o*alsaqueue.cppImplementation of classes managing ALSA Sequencer queues
o*alsaqueue.hClasses managing ALSA Sequencer queues
o*alsatimer.cppImplementation of classes managing ALSA Timers
o*alsatimer.hClasses managing ALSA Timers
o*backendmanager.cppImplementation of a class managing realtime MIDI input/output backends
o*backendmanager.hRealtime MIDI input/output multiplatform classes
o*drumstick.hThe main header that a program can include to use all drumstick features
o*drumstickcommon.hCommon functionality
o*macros.hDrumstick visibility macros
o*playthread.cppImplementation of a sequencer output thread
o*playthread.hSequencer output thread
o*qove.cppImplementation of a class managing Overture OVE Files input
o*qove.hOverture OVE Files Input
o*qsmf.cppImplementation of a class managing Standard MIDI Files input/output
o*qsmf.hStandard MIDI Files Input/Output
o*qwrk.cppImplementation of a class managing Cakewalk WRK Files input
o*qwrk.hCakewalk WRK Files Input
o*rtmidiinput.hRealtime MIDI input interface
o*rtmidioutput.hRealtime MIDI output interface
o*subscription.cppImplementation of classes managing ALSA sequencer subscriptions
\*subscription.hClasses managing ALSA sequencer subscriptions